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REFRIGERATION SYSTEMS SEMI-HERMETIC SERIES (SUPER TROPICALISED) PACKAGED FOR POWER-PACKED PERFORMANCE Blue Star, India's leading refrigeration solutions provider, offers you a wide range of refrigeration units to suit different business needs. Processed food industry segments like poultry, marine and meat processing require heavy-duty operation, while the ice-cream industry is growing by leaps and bounds and needs large storages at production and distribution points. To tackle these critical temperature requirements, Blue Star brings to you a fully-packaged semi-hermetic refrigeration system. In all these applications, we understand what you need to succeed: reliability and the assurance of holding temperature maintained within critical limits. These are possible only through well-packaged, well-engineered refrigeration systems with reliable components. Blue Star's range of condensing units is designed using world-class technology and components. It is created to function efficiently even at high ambient temperatures, assuring you of trouble-free temperature management even during peak summer time. What's more, the range is available in both air cooled and water cooled options to suit different needs. AIR COOLED CONDENSING UNITS The new range of air cooled condensing units is robust in construction and uses world-class and highly reliable components. It is designed to enable quick and easy installation. These units use semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors that offer significantly higher cooling capacity, reliability and flexibility than market standards. They also come with factory-fitted components and are extensively tested for reliability. So you are assured of qualitative system balancing under controlled conditions, which ensures delivery of committed capacities. SALIENT FEATURES Air Cooled Condenser Tropicalised high ambient air cooled tube and fin condenser, with internally grooved copper tubes, results in increase of heat transfer surface area for better heat transfer.And thus increases the efficiency of the refrigeration system. Condenser Fans High quality and reliable axial fans ensure uniform airflow across the heat exchanger, increase COP of the compressor and reduce power consumption. The motor of the condenser fans is equipped with an HP switch to ensure optimum condensing pressure and temperature. Weather-proof Housing The condensing unit is mounted on a sturdy base frame and provided with a powder-coated and corrosion-resistant casing. WATER COOLED CONDENSING UNITS Blue Star's water cooled condensing units include a semi-hermetic compressor, water cooled condenser with safety valve connection, service valves, a base frame and vibration absorber installed on the discharge line, in some models. They are of high-efficiency design with spacious dimensions. At the same time, they are compact and generally consume less power. Their shell and tube sheet is made of carbon steel, and the tubes are of copper with integrally finned thick walls. Water cooled units are generally preferred for cold rooms in hotels and the processed food segment, for reasons of availability of treated water. It is convenient to locate water cooled condensing units even in places without adequate ventilation for condensation. Water cooled units are capable of delivering consistent performance irrespective of variations in ambient conditions. Moreover, the water side connections allow supply of both mains water and cooling tower water. Shell and Tube Condenser Water cooled condensers come with internally grooved and externally finned tubes which increase heat transfer area, which in turn needs less refrigerant charge. They are also compact and lightweight. What's more; the circular end covers result in higher flow rate of water and refrigerant inside the Shell and Tube condenser. This increases COP of the compressor and lowers power consumption. Base Frame Sturdy and robust, the base frame is CNC punched, CNC bent and 4 mm thick with hexagon rivet nuts. This ensures no rusting and a longer product life. COMMON FEATURES Semi-hermetic Compressor The semi-hermetic compressor is compact, economical, efficient and very easy to maintain. Its removable heads, stator cover, bottom plate and housing cover allow easy access for field repairs. What's more, the compressor is fitted with suction and discharge service valves and is also provided with a crank case heater. Diagnostic Black Box* This compressor also comes with a diagnostic black box which ensures constant monitoring and fast diagnosis. It can be connected to a computer, via USB, to identify the cause of malfunction. * Available with Q-Series, S-Series and V-Series compressor models only. Oil Separator The oil separator allows longer piping distances and enhances system reliability and uptime. It comes with GOMAX-make hose assembly (for oil return line). Liquid Receiver Good quality liquid receiver (with Rotalock valve) ensures constant flow of refrigerant to the thermostatic expansion valve and thus increases system reliability. GOMAX Flexible Tubes These tubes eliminate any leakage of the refrigerant during operation and transportation. This improves the life of the product and enhances aesthetics. Vibration Eliminators in the Discharge Line This is a highly beneficial feature, as it reduces vibration during operation, thereby reducing any chance of leakage of the refrigerant. Sturdy HP/LP Mounting Bracket? 3 mm thick and galvanised, the robust bracket is ideal for mounting an HP/LP switch. This helps minimise variations of the pointer, ensuring accurate readings. Brazing The use of 42% silver brazing rods ensures better protection of joints, pipes, components or controls and minimises refrigerant leakage. Refrigeration Controls The condensing unit is fitted with HP/LP switches with GOMAX-make hose assembly Filter drier, Sight Glass and Liquid Line Solenoidal valve. While its components are from internationally reputed manufacturers. EVAPORATING UNITS Blue Star's evaporators are compact and sleek. They are housed within the cold storage and occupy minimum space. This allows you to utilise the maximum volume of the cold storage. SALIENT FEATURES Stainless steel body (SS304) for enhanced durability and strength Inner grooved copper tubes for superior heat transfer 6 FPI coil to enable air-defrosting Improved air throw for uniform air distribution External rotor driven fans have low noise levels and conform to IP45 standards Removable side panels for easy service and minimum downtime. Blue Star compressor controller has separate set points and differentials for each compressor SALIENT FEATURES OF COMPRESSOR CONTROLLER Specifically designed for refrigeration applications Controls compressor cut off and temperature HACCP provision (available in model 52H) BMS compatibility (available in model 52H)
Bottle Coolers BOTTLE COOLERS QUICK COOLING FOR QUICK PROFITS Keep your drinks chilled and your clients happy with bottle coolers from Blue Star, India's leading air conditioning and refrigeration company. Designed to meet the heavy demands of commercial business such as restaurants, hotels, pubs and fast food outlets, these coolers come with heavy duty compressors that allow bottles to be chilled quickly. And they are built rugged and ready for operation in Indian conditions. The perfect solution for your business. CAPACITIES 300l, 400l and 500l SALIENT FEATURES Option of PP/SS in a tank PUF insulation Low power consumption Eco-friendly refrigerant Pre-painted sheet for longer life and easy cleaning Suitable for tropical weather conditions Thermostat for accurate temperature control Double door option available in higher capacities Recessed handle
Visi Coolers & Visi Freezers VISI COOLERS & VISI FREEZERS MORE VISIBILITY FOR YOUR PRODUCTS. MORE PROFITS FOR YOU. It’s the best way to cool your products and view them at the same time. Blue Star’s range of visi coolers are specially designed to cool uniformly and help you display the products inside. So while the display increases product visibility, the visibility increases sales. And more sales mean more profits for you. SALIENT FEATURES UV protected galvanised sheets for interior and exterior Adjustable plastic-coated wire mesh shelves Energy-effi­cient cooling unit Eco-friendly refrigerant (R134a) Uniform cooling by forced air circulation Clear product visibility with dual glass Self-closing door Canopy for merchandising with rear illumination Tested for higher ambient and outdoor conditions
PUF INSULATED PANELS The efficiency, hygiene and life of a cold room depend on the panels and accessories that go into making up the structure. Blue Star's cold rooms are therefore constructed using pre-fabricated PUF panels designed specifically for such applications, and manufactured to international standards of quality and reliability at state-of-the-art facilities. These panels are packed with advanced high-density foamed-in-place PUF insulation to ensure high-efficiency insulation, and metal-finished (a choice of aluminium, pre-painted steel, stainless steel, galvanised steel or Galvalume). Modular in nature, these tongue-and-groove panels in a range of thicknesses and dimensions, are designed to interlock with ease at site to form cold rooms of any size and for any application. Each part of the cold room - walls, ceiling, floor, doors and even T-walls and corners - have special panels designed for the purpose to ensure perfect fit. These modular cold rooms are not just easily assembled at site. They are easily disassembled too and moved when required, or even enlarged or split into multiple rooms as later needs may demand. A range of options and accessories ensure that the entire cold room supplements the efficiency and ruggedness of the PUF panels: Flush-fit doors: Aesthetic, efficient, heavy-duty flush-fit doors with FRP door perimeter Cam lock: Posi-loc locking assemblies that provide perfect alignment of walls, ceiling, floor, corners and door frames Hardware: Heavy-duty cast alloy handles and hinges with attractive brushed-chrome finish Heated air vent: Tri-action heated air vent to eliminate pressure and vacuum variations inside the walk-in cold room Interior and exterior ramps: Ramps allow ease of movement of material without damage to floor Sweep gasket: Airtight heavy-duty sealing gasket below door with a double sweep, remains flexible at any temperature Posi-seal closure: Cushions closing of door, making it noiseless and firmly shut Vapour-proof light fixture: Trouble-free lighting within cold room This wide range of world-class panels and accessories ensures that Blue Star's cold rooms are air-tight, hygienic, highly energy-efficient and built for a lifetime.
REFRIGERATION SYSTEMS HERMETIC SERIES IT'S NOT JUST PRESERVATION. IT'S THE ULTIMATE IN PRESERVATION. Blue Star, India's leading refrigeration company, offers a complete range of evaporating and condensing units. These units are designed to deliver superior cooling for food preservation and are equipped to deliver temperatures for various applications. The balanced selection of the evaporator and condensing units assures delivery of capacity. The matching controllers with refrigeration units support each installation and enable the controlling and monitoring of temperature. Each Blue Star installation comes with a weather-proof power panel that allows for easy, speedy, safe and long-lasting power connection. So when it comes to cold storage, trust in the experts for reliable, efficient and trouble-free refrigeration. EVAPORATING UNITS Blue Star's evaporators are compact and sleek. The evaporator is housed within the cold storage and occupies minimum space. This allows you to utilise the maximum volume of cold storage. SALIENT FEATURES Stainless steel body (SS304) for enhanced durability and strength Excellent corrosion resistance Inner grooved copper tubes for superior heat transfer 6 FPI coil to enable air-defrosting Improved air throw for uniform air distribution External rotor driven fans have low noise levels and conform to IP45 standards Removable side panels for easy service and minimum downtime. CONDENSING UNITS Blue Star's condensing units are characterised by high-efficiency heat transfer and low power consumption. SALIENT FEATURES Energy-efficient scroll and reciprocating compressors Powder coated body makes these units UV and corrosion-resistant Inner grooved copper tubes and slit aluminium fins for superior heat transfer Filter drier for moisture and dirt protection Pre-charged unit with service valves Safety and control devices for better system protection Weather-proof polyester powder coated canopy. Thermally protected and permanently lubricated fan motors. Smaller footprint for ease of handling and installation CONTROLLER Blue Star's controller is a two compressor controller with separate set points and differentials for each compressor. SALIENT FEATURES Specifically designed for refrigeration applications Controls compressor cut off and temperature HACCP provision (available in model 52H) BMS compatibility (available in model 52H) POWER PANEL Blue Star's Refrigeration Units come with ready-to-use power panels that make electrical connections simple, fast and long-lasting. SALIENT FEATURES Embedded switchgear in the Positive Temperature Condensing Unit Power Panel with necessary accessories and defrost controls is available for Negative Temperature Units. Read Less BROCHURE PEOPLE WHO VIEWED THIS PRODUCT ALSO VIEWED